Ngā Rongoā Māori

health and wellbeing

New Project


THMCT’s aim is to build on the promise that our pilot of traditional Rongoā Māori services (in partnership with and funded by Northland DHB) at Kaitaia Hospital is showing while also enhancing the mahi THMCT is putting into supporting the development and growth of our Rangatahi.

The traditional practice of Rongoā Māori encompasses a holistic view of health and wellbeing, incorporating physical, spiritual, psychological and family aspects. The practice is uniquely designed to suit the individual and whānau who come through the doors and is a preventative care plan which recognises the reciprocal relationship between people and the environment.

To continue to be able to promote holistic and inclusive health and wellbeing outcomes for individuals, their whānau, hapū and iwi as well as expanding the minds and opportunities for the rangatahi or Te Tai Tokerau, THMCT is proposing providing a private training enterprise to provide education, skills, and workforce development in all aspects of Rongoā Māori.

This ability to learn more about Māori medicine and the history and practices of hauora Māori will have multiple benefits to the Te Tai Tokerau and wider community of Aotearoa by:

— Creating resilience for traditional Rongoā Māori services by increasing both the number of practitioners and awareness for patients.

— Empowering our future leaders with skills connected and delivered in a Māori cultural context and enhance their identity as Māori.

— Increasing knowledge in our rangatahi and their whānau about enhancing their wellbeing, avoiding future negative health incomes through preventative wellness plans.

— Contributes towards transforming Hauora Māori from a significant health risk to a great achievement.

Our new cabin arriving at Kaitaia Hospital.
Whanau securing our cabin into its new home.
Our cozy cabin all prepped up and ready for its first opening.
Looking warm and comforting with all rongoā products set for the next day's session.
Inside our cozy cabin.
Our whare boasts a comforting ambience and relaxing atmosphere, therefore we invite you to book a session with us today.