42 KM Team-up Taitamariki
Team Relay

What is Team-up Taitamariki?

The youth version of a Marathon Team Relay.  Exactly the same in terms of requirements to participate but sponsored by Te Houtaewa Maori Charitable Trust to ensure that this korero will be here for Mokopuna of tomorrow. 

This is created by Tamariki for Tamariki, following in the footsteps of our Tupuna and the Wero “Te Houtaewa Challenge”, known for his incredible athletic abilities.

In teams of seven, you will form a relay team where you will all participate in the 42km Marathon course, each completing 6km of the journey towards the finish line of Paripari Domain, Ahipara. At the end of the relay, you will be welcomed into a festival where your whanau and friends are encouraged to come along to help cheer you and your team in.

Who can Enter?

Anyone that’s a taitamariki/youth!  

Taitamariki/youth is any persons between the ages of 13 – 22 years old, so anyone aged between 13 – 22 years old can enter and be part of the Taitamariki Ultra Team Relay Challenge. 

We want this challenge to be inclusive to all youth in our community so we encourage anyone in this age range to come together, form a team and take part in the challenge!


We want to break down the financial barriers for our taitamariki (youth) in order for them to be a part of this challenge! Register a team and together decide, what and how you will contribute.

KOHA –  (Maori custom of a gift, present, offering, donation, or contribution) toward this event.

Forming a Team

It is up to you to form a team! You can team up together with classmates from school, like a sports team, as a church group, as a whanau or just as a unique team!

Some things to know

  1. Each team member must be aged between 13 – 22 years old and you have six team members.
  2. Each team member MUST run 6km consecutively.  The only change over of runners is;
    • 42 km – All team run together
    • 39 km – Runner 1
    • 33 km – Runner 2
    • 27 km – Runner 3
    • 21 km – Runner 4
    • 15 km – Runner 5
    • 9 km – Runner 6
    • 3 km – All team run together

Koha Passport

  • Race number and bib
  • Aid & Fuel stations every 3km (all with water, flat coke & food)
  • Post-event recovery area at the finish with food and drink
  • Te Houtaewa Challenge “competitors only” t-shirt
  • Finishers medal

When and Where is the Challenge?

The challenge takes place on Saturday 19 March 2022 at  8:15 AM.

The challenge begins at Hukatere on Te Oneroa-a-Tōhē (Ninety Mile Beach) and finishes at  PariPari Domain, 209 Foreshore Road, Ahipara.  

Race Details

  • As this race takes place on Te Oneroa-a-Tōhē (Ninety Mile Beach), we recommend 4×4 wheel drive vehicle in order to handle the soft terrain.  

  • The relay is a 6-person team with each team member running a distance of 6km. The changeover will be in accordance with standard rules whereby athletes must touch hands in the designated transition area.  

  • In case of injury or illness during the race which forces the athlete to abandon the competition, the next stage runner may start immediately after an official has verified the situation. 

  • All participants are expected to carry a kumara and every team relay member to collect and carry the additional kumara at each designated station.  Teams must All cross over the finish line together.  All participants are to “return a kumara” to the Village Pātaka. 

Transport Required for the Duration of the Race

Your team must supply their own 4×4 vehicle with a designated team driver who will be there to support the running members by driving along the beach to the start point of each leg.